Uma Nota is a reference point for world citizens and lovers of world music and culture. It is an event series focusing on Brazilian, Latin, Caribean, Funk and Soul music provided by both live acts and DJs. Unpretentious, open-minded, lively and fun, Uma Nota is a place where locals, artists and trendsetters come together and move to the tropical vibe.

Live musical performances frequently feature the city’s heaviest-sounding Brazilian percussion troupes, a popular and thrilling spectacle that remains a key piece of the Uma Nota experience. The DJ roster boasts the city’s finest crate diggers and vinyl selectors who prove it takes more than an iPod to excite and challenge the dance floor.

Uma Nota began as a music night at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel in 2007 and remains a recurring event in that city. Uma Nota is a showcase performance series  with an ever-changing lineup of performers. The events usually feature at least two guest performances — one live act and one DJ, sometimes more — and perennial favourites return for encore presentations. Dance performances and film screenings sometimes round out our events.


The Team

Jonathan Rothman (Communications Director)

Jonathan Rothman has reported for CBC Radio and has written for Exclaim!,, Spacing, CBC Radio 3 online, The Globe and Mail, NOW and BlogTO. In Rio’s Carnaval 2011, Jonathan paraded in the Rocinha samba school’s drum corps (bateria). He performs with several Toronto percussion groups, speaks Brazilian Portuguese and conducts the Samba Elégua drummers in the group’s Uma Nota collaboration shows. Photo credit: Dave Burke




Jason Sanders (Creative Director)

General Eclectic is behind some of Toronto’s most successful and critically acclaimed underground music events. As a DJ, event producer and graphic designer, he blends music, art and the intangible into an alluring atmosphere that’s become his signature. His vinyl collection is more than 7,000 records strong and he’s earned a solid reputation over his 14 years in Toronto, where he’s produced and created memorable custom designs for events ranging from the underground hip-hop and soul weekly Red Beet Lounge to the massively popular Footprints parties. Whether on the dance floor or the drafting board, General Eclectic lights up the ears, eyes and minds of those around him with his unique skills.

Alex Bordokas (Artistic Director)

Alex is a cultural producer and was the founding artistic director of Uma Nota Culture (he is currently on leave from these duties).  Enjoying his backseat role at Uma Nota, acting more an an advisory basis, he is currently an Artistic Associate at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto’s premiere cultural institution on the waterfront.




Join the team! 

Well, we need someone to be the main person for Uma Nota and help us expand by presenting more Brazilian talent, being a band leader for our Brazilian projects and having an in depth knowledge of both traditional Brazilian music and new trends in electronically produced rhythms. Oh yeah and you have to speak Brasileiro too… We know, a lot to ask… Is this you? We are also accepting candidates from outside of Canada.

Job listing:

Uma Nota Culture is looking for a resident artist or Artistic Associate with a specific skill set in a number of areas.

Looking ahead to a busy 2016-2017 season of events, shows, presentations and parties, Uma Nota Culture seeks to create a position for a resident artist who can contribute to the collective’s productions in a number of ways. This position is for the Toronto area.

This is a full full time position and the artist in question would be heavily involved in the downtown artistic community especially with residents who engage in the ‘world music scene’ and specifically, but not exclusively, the Brazilian music scene. As such, minimal knowledge of the portuguese language is essential. The position is for 40 hours weekly and includes weekends and evenings. Work hours are irregular and there is a need to be flexible with other commitments. Salary is 34,500.00. per annum pro rated to length of contract.

Skills and Qualifications:

– Singer and bandleader: Must be able to sing lead vocals in Brazilian Portuguese (northeastern Brazilian accent preferred) in a variety of contemporary and folk music styles including but not limited to samba, maracatu and forró. Ideally the candidate would also be an experienced and decisive bandleader who can sucessfully direct large and small musical ensembles. Applicants who are successful in attracting our attention may be sent a partial or full list of songs for vocal evaluation as part of the application process. Minimum requirement: Two to four (2 to 4) years singing in professional or semi-professional ensembles.

– Multi-instrumentalist: Strong preference for vocalists who can play both acoustic or electric-acoustic guitar, and/or Brazilian percussion instruments (including pandeiro) while singing lead or backup vocals at the same time. Rhythm and Brazilian “swing” or musical feel is essential to this position, in this and other aspects. Minimum requirement: Two to four (2 to 4) years performing as an instrumentalist and/or signer in professional or semi-professional ensembles.

– DJ/selector: Must be able to DJ using Serrato, vinyl records and/or other electronic forms. You must also have your own laptop computer, preferably with DJ software already installed. We are looking for someone with a minimum of four to five (4 to 5) years of experience performing in and around Toronto, as well as in Ontario and Quebec. Note: Strong preference for familiarity with and contacts within the musical communities surrounding and overlapping with the Uma Nota community, including attendees of events  such as: The Om Reunion Project annual Solstice Festival; Promise and Alien InFlux events including Cherry Beach parties and the Harvest Festival; Eclipse Festival; Brazilian community events and others.

– Designer/visual artist: Minimum five (5) years of experience in graphic design, layout and production for print and online. Strong preference for creativity and experience designing attractive marketing materials for music, arts and cultural events in the Toronto area. Must have your own laptop with a working version of Adobe Creative Suite no less than five to seven (5 to 7) years old, preferably newer, along with a portfolio of published design work (to be provided upon request).

Additional Qualifications:

– Languages: Must be bilingual in English and Brazilian Portuguese to a professional working level in both languages; Proficiency in French, Spanish and other languages is also an asset.

– Reliability: Must be able to attend musical rehearsals, production meetings and other events with punctuality and professionalism.

– Design and creative feedback process: Ability to take direction and turn around graphic designs quickly for production

– Musical performance skills: Passion, stage presence and genuine warmth and “likeability” are key to this role. It’s also important to be able to “read” live music as well as electronic music audiences (of various sizes, at venues large and small) in real time and adjust the music according to audience mood and venue ambience.

– Media production and social media: Photography and videography skills, social media savvy and a large social media following, especially with communities in the Toronto area, are all considered additional assets.

About Uma Nota Culture:

Uma Nota began as a music night at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel in 2007 and remains a recurring event in the city. Uma Nota is a showcase performance series  with an ever-changing lineup of performers including live musical acts and DJs as well as a number of other forms of art, performance and cultural manifestations, highlighting music and culture of a tropical, polyrhythmic and Afro-diasporic nature. Along with the ongoing music events, Uma Nota partners with a number of cultural organizations around the city working on a range of activities, from cultural events supporting film, dance and food programs as well as educational workshops for adults, young people, families and children. Uma Nota is an unincorporated non-profit collective based in Toronto.