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GAIA: The Female Experience Told

GAIA: The Female Experience Told

Diving deep beneath the surface, Dance Migration pushes the boundaries of Brazilian samba with its debut production GAIA this September 16,17 & 18 at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre Theatre. Gaia, is the ancient Greek name for the proto-goddess Earth, the spouse of Uranos, or Sky. From Gaia the Gods and Titans were born. She is the original...
Tdot Batu's Nice Up Festa celebrates reggae and percussion

Tdot Batu’s Nice Up Festa celebrates reggae and percussion

Tdot Batú burst onto the Toronto Brazilian percussion scene over one year ago with their debut performance at Muhtadi Festival in summer 2013. Since then they have torn up the place and have won a lot of fans for their “Bloco Afro” style percussion group, based on the Salvador da Bahia-originating  form that incorporates many surdo...
Mar Aberto Christmas Classic

Mar Aberto Christmas Classic

Maracatu Mar Aberto & Uma Nota Culture present a stellar holiday party: The Mar Aberto Christmas Classic Bring your cheer and raise a glass to celebrate a time of renewal and another year gone by! Come early wine & dine, or come late party and dance. Or both. Everyone is welcome! featuring Maracatu Mar Aberto...