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Sisters in Song: Jabu and Aline Morales

Sisters in Song: Jabu and Aline Morales

Aline Morales Live at Lula Lounge, November 26, 2015 ** UPDATE: Unfortunately, Jabu Morales was not able to come for this performance, but Aline Morales and her band will still perform.** Buy Tickets Aline Morales’ days as Toronto’s best-kept musical secret may be over, but the Brazilian singer, percussionist and bandleader has a special treat...
The hidden gem of Brazilian music: Wagner Petrilli

The hidden gem of Brazilian music: Wagner Petrilli

  Wagner Petrilli is one of Toronto’s most prominent Brazilian musicians. While Wagner has been a cornerstone of the Brazilian music scene since his arrival in 1998, playing and collaborating alongside the city’s prominent jazz artists as well as notable Brazilian musicians, he had yet to manifest himself as the father of his own project — until...
Pedro Quental's Carioca Soul in Canada

Pedro Quental’s Carioca Soul in Canada

In our North American musical classification systems, nearly all  types of Brazilian music, it seems to me, are too often considered a part of the World Music genre. Not just Brazilian or “Latin” music styles — even North American funk and soul often fall under the same over-generalized World or Groove categories. Here in Toronto,...